Holiday Season is here and I'm overstocked on prints! There are one of each of these up for grabs at about 1/3 their usual price. Each of these are archival C-type prints. With every purchase I will include a short note describing the process of capturing the shot. If you are interested in ordering a print, please drop an email including the name of the photo(s) and your mailing address to You will be billed via Paypal including $10 for domestic shipping per order. You may also pick up prints at Markham Park Studios (2201 W Markham St. Little Rock, AR) if you would rather. Thank you for viewing my gallery and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for viewing my gallery! If you are interested in ordering a print, please refer to the text at the top of the page. Happy Holidays! 

October, 2016

Hello friends! In an attempt to be more active with my blog, I'm going to try to do monthly updates in which I'll share what I've been up to the previous month and some things I'm excited for in the next month. So, October recap, let's go!

Morning stretch. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas

Night climbing.

Lexie swinging after spraining her ankle.

Caught up with friend and beer brewer Hunter in his office at Vino's Brew Pub in Little Rock.

Went to Hot Springs and met up with Robbie Brindley and Drew Martin. Took some cool polaroids and then lost them.

Robbie and his wife Casey at their home in Hot Springs.

Went to one of the best Sunset views in Arkansas at White Rock Mountain. Only after taking this did I notice the anchors on the rock. Might have to go back with my climbing gear!

Lexie enjoying White Rock Mountain despite her hurt ankle. 

We also went to Eureka Springs, which is pound for pound the cutest town I've ever been to. 

A staircase in Eureka Springs. I'll have to go back soon to do more travel photos. 

I have some visible professional work you can find right now below is a link to a music video that I did camera work on. Not a huge fan of the music or some of the editing choices, but I'm very happy with my camera work that made the cut.

A teaser for "Close Calls," for which I was cinematographer and colorist was released. You can find more at

My image is #2 in the "Photo Finish" gallery in this year's Arkansas Made Magazine.

I had the pleasure of working with Trevor Collins on his online E-book/ multimedia project which revolves around a series of poems he wrote. He currently has three of the pieces released, of which I photographed two. Go to and check this cool project out.

The lines between work and play can really become blurred at times. Candid portraiture in the mountains is perhaps my favorite example of this. 

Taken at Sam's Throne. <3

I had to say goodbye to a few friends this month. Above is my Scottish friend, Nick, who moved back to Scotland. 

And Nathan Houser who moved to China???

My dad's birthday was at the end of the month, so I topped off October with some family time and a hike up Pinnacle Mountain. 

I'd say October was an excellent month. I could share more, but I have to drive to Stuttgart, then get back and ready for Nashville! My prints will appear in two exhibitions In November. A group show in Little Rock (info below) and solo show of my landscapes in Lufkin TX. Be on the lookout for updates on both of those and much, much more. I hope you enjoyed this! 

Reminders To Myself:

-Don't be lazy

-Don't beat yourself up when you are lazy

-Photograph things you love

-Photograph things you hate

-Photograph anything you feel strongly about

-Photograph yourself

-Don't force a project into existence 

-Be receptive to projects when they present themselves

-Remember that photography lends itself to the moment

-Capture moments

-Use the frame to show why moments matter

-Tell stories

-Capture people

-Capture exactly what you see

-Your eye knows better than you do

-Trust your intuition

-Don't overthink it

-Be honest with the subject

-Be honest with the audience 

-Be honest about who you are

-Your best photos are taken when you're at your most vulnerable

-Don't despair 

-You're doing pretty well

-Maybe get a haircut 

Michael and Greg – May, 2014